Chamber of the Willistons

Something good is going on in the Big Apple these days. There is a company that is doing its best to improve the city in every possible way. They have set up recycling stations in several neighborhoods which they remove as necessary.

Mission Statement

They have assisted with “green spots” in the city, especially helping with garden spaces that individual neighborhoods have begun. Donating compost, sharing seeds, even helping with watering when several of the garden co-growers are away on vacation are only a small part of their efforts.

They are helping those who have cars that need to be sold, but are in ill repair, get rid of those cars, and get paid for the vehicle, as well. Sometimes the folks who need the money are eternally grateful to the Greeners for the profit the guys are able to get for them by selling their old clunkers. Sometimes, those who are able, donate their windfalls to New York Greeners to help them with their ongoing projects. To do this, they have teamed up with CFC to make it easy to offer this service. The Greeners call the company to get a quote and CFC picks up the cars and pays cash to the owners. The Greeners guys say they wish all their services were this simple.

Greeners also support the initiative to plant trees on school properties and start gardens and plantings at schools. This effort ties in to the remodeling of school playgrounds so that they can be used by the public as recreational parks. These guys can be found on many week-ends refurbishing schools’ outside play equipment, replacing play surfaces, and building new equipment and benches.

You can also find NYG-ers picking up rubbish on any given day. Nothing seems too small a task, and nothing seems to daunt these environmentalists. They have one goal in mind and they keep that focus the same in every circumstance. They want to know what they can do to make New York City a better place. That is what they are doing, one task at a time.

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